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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Aug 18, 2019

Remember that time you were in the car, at the meeting, picking your kids up from school or doing the groceries and suddenly you realized your period had leaked through your clothes?

We’ve all been there and been embarrassed and most of us have probably had a tampon or pad in our handbag or asked another woman for one whose gladly given it. 

But what if you live below the poverty line and you have to choose between food and pads? What if you’re homeless the only options available to you are McDonald's napkins and newspaper? 

Here’s the crazy part: women in Australia are facing this every single day. 

So Verity and Ashleigh sat down with Rochelle Courtenay from Share the Dignity Australia, to ask her:

  • What is Period Poverty and how many women are affected by it?
  • What happens when women can’t access sanitary products?
  • Why were pads and tampons classed as luxury items?

We also dug into Rochelle’s big vision and how her fire was ignited - and how we can all help support women in need and where to next for Share the Dignity. 


Who is Rochelle Courtenay, Anyway?

Rochelle, affectionately known as “Pad lady” didn’t set out to be a social entrepreneur yet her work to help eliminate period poverty in Australia has created a nationwide movement through her not-for-profit charity, Share the Dignity.

Share the Dignity has collected more than 1.9 million packets of sanitary items since its formation with the support of over 4,500 volunteers. They’ve managed to raise over $45million dollars worth of sanitary products for women Australia. Rochelle designed a world-first Dignity Vending Machine, known as the Pinkbox. The vending machines are purposely designed to dispense a free period pack of sanitary items. By the end of 2019, there will be 200 Pinkboxes installed in poverty-stricken schools, homeless centers, domestic violence shelters and areas of severe poverty Australia-wide. 

Connect with Rochelle and Share the Dignity here:


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Twitter: @sharingdignity




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