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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Sep 1, 2019

Sometimes it's the small things we deny ourselves that have the biggest ripples throughout our lives. At least, that's what happened for our guest this week, Shilpa Agarwal, when she kept denying herself the permission and freedom to go for a simple jog. 

We sat down with Shilpa to talk about what it means to be worthy, to be enough - and the hard, painful things that get in the way of our embodying it. The truths this powerful speaks ripple out across all the parts of our lives from professional to the intimate. 

Who is Shilpa, Anyway?

Shilpa is a book-writing coach who helps coaches, consultants, and spiritual/wellness practitioners, to write a book so they can share their story, make an impact and create the business of their dreams with ease and confidence.

Shilpa used to live a life of people-pleasing, hyper-vigilance, and constantly feeling 'not good enough’. Until one day, she took back her power, decided to own her worth and share her story so she could help many others out there do the same. Thus #Enoughness was born, which is now also a book in the making.

Born and brought up in India, she now lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and their little Miss 3! When she is not telling stories of Enoughness, you'll find her listening to one, reading, writing or sipping chai - masala chai!

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