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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Sep 15, 2019

Women the world over are pushed and pulled between two opposing ideas of who we must be: the Saintly Mother, or the Whore. 

The expectations and pressures of both run deep inside all of us and permeate our cultures regardless of language, religion or politics. 

For centuries, we've been torn between both opposing identities and now in the modern world women are finally, in some corners of the world, able to be much more than a Saintly Mother or Whore. She can be both, she can be more - she can be whomever she wants but it all begins with reawakening deep respect and reverence for her body. 

Who is Mia More, Anyway?

Mia Mor is a Poet, Lover, Gypsy soul, and Shamanic Bodyworker

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Facebook: mysticmiamor


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