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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Oct 13, 2019

If you go looking for it, you will find a plethora of women’s empowerment circles and communities - but for real equality to rise, there also needs to be space for men to gather together and take part in their own spiritual, emotional and psychological development. 

So we sat down with Tyran Mowbray, affectionately known as The Hairy Healer to talk about bringing men into the fold, developing their own spiritual practice, healing and maintaining emotional health - and boy oh boy, does Tyran have a lot to say about how men can return to love, and how women can be part of the experience and even a guiding force. We explored the embarrassing, strange, silly, deeply personal and deeply intimate emotions surrounding healthy, delicious, magical experiences of sex and sensuality and how to cultivate our King, and unleash the Queen.  

Who is Tyran Mowbray, Anyway?

Tyran, affectionately known as The Hairy Healer, is a typical Australian bloke that went through all the shame around sexual performance, sexual expression, suppressing his soft tender side while existing in the construction industry, the Aussie rules sports scene and the mining industry. The Hairy Healer’s mission is to help people change the way they view themselves. To stop facilitating stereotypes, to break molds, and to learn and teach how to connect with other people but also just as importantly connect to yourself.

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