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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Nov 3, 2019

As women, we’re designed to have babies. Even if we don’t want them our bodies are ensuring they remind us every month, for every year for over a 40yr span that we’re baby-makers. Granted there are women who have ZERO interest in having kids and that's absolutely their right to choose. But what happens and what does it REALLY feel like to know that you do not even have a choice? What happens when we desperately want a child but our body just won’t allow it?

Today Marie Louise shares her personal journey with us of her experience of being infertile and navigating marriage, divorce, dating and just the everyday existence of being female and infertile in a patriarchal world.

  • How do you reconcile with your body when you feel it’s betrayed you?
  • Befriending your (un)friendly monthly reminder that your body was meant to be designed to have babies.
  • Why being infertile makes us feel like less of a woman.
  • How do you date knowing you might crush his dreams of having a family?
  • How can the rest of us childbearing women be more sensitive and understanding towards women who can’t bear children?
  • And most importantly how does a woman move on with the acceptance of never being able to do what her body is biologically designed to do, heal from that acceptance and build a life that brings her unlimited joy, love and happiness?

Well, tune in because Marie Louise is about to tell us!

Who is Marie-Louise, Anyway?

Marie-Louise Pawsey knows first-hand the hurt and trauma of being Infertile and Single. Since realizing that she wasn’t living her life as fully as she could be, she made the tough decision to sever ties with hope, and start living a more ‘flirtile’ life.

For 3 years she’s mentored women and men in dating, and how to get into and maintain lasting romantic relationships. She’s most active on her Youtube channel where she publishes her tried and tested, unique and controversial views and guidelines to dating.

Now, she’s supporting Single, Infertile women who are ready to give up the dream and start living the amazing life they can carve for themselves! When they’re ready to strut into their new life, free of shame, negative and the self-doubt which has caused them to deny themselves happiness, Marie-Louise is here to give them a place where they belong, and help them get the prince! These women are invited to join at where they can feel nurtured and understood.

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