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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Oct 27, 2019

If good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people, and if the good are rewarded and the naughty are punished, what happens when bad things happen to good people?

This premise is the basis of ‘Victim blaming’.

Instead of holding a criminal responsible, society screams, “Well she must have been asking for it!”.


  • Did you give mixed signals?
  • Why were you alone at night?
  • Where you drunk?
  • How short was your skirt?
  • She was dancing like a slut.
  • She slept with the other guy, why not me??
  • Well it's not like she said ‘no’. She should have said it louder.
  • She didn’t put up much of a fight,
  • What was she even doing there?
  • Well, she was flirting with him.
  • She didn’t act like a rape victim afterward.


Yeah. Even a current Liberal Member for Parliament when asked about his views on domestic violence replied, “Domestic Violence is a woman’s issue”. Seriously? If those responsible for creating the laws think this way, what hope does society have?

From sporting communities' involvement in gang rapes, Australia’s high domestic violence (1 woman dies a week in Australia as a result of DV), date rape and sexual harassment the onis is often on the women's’ responsibility to not put herself in such a situation

So when are we going to stop excusing men for their bad behavior (oh boys will be boys) and start demanding that perhaps its time for men to learn to control themselves?

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