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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

We love feminism and yet so many people keep asking us exactly what do we mean by ‘feminism’?

Well, who else would be more perfect to talk to than emerging Author, Copywriter, Blogger, Mother and #OpinionatedWoman, Jennifer Zeven.

Jennifer's articles have been featured in Whimn, Kidspot, and Roooar! Magazine. She is one of Medium's Top Writers in Feminism and is taking time away from copywriting to write her first manuscript. Visceral, raw and necessary, Jennifer shares her experiences of early Motherhood and exposes the way Motherhood defines Womanhood - whether you have children or not.

We talked about;

  • Motherhood and feminism, and how the patriarchal construct of motherhood robs us of our identity.
  • Why women are villanized for choosing to opt-out of motherhood.
  • Why misdirected anger is destroying the sisterhood 
  • The cognitive dissonance of mourning pre-motherhood yet still loving our children.
  • Why as privileged white women we need to not only find our voices but use them for all the women around the world whose voices are silenced...
  • And is it true that men can only remember 3 things, and why men should be insulted by quips like these?

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