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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Jul 28, 2019

Child sex trafficking. We know it happens but most of us assume there is NOTHING we can do. How wrong we are. Dr. Lorel Mayberry, the president of Borderless Friendship WA opened our eyes up to the truth about the vulnerability of hills tribe children in Northern Thailand. Currently, in Thailand, there are over 50-60K...

Jul 21, 2019

We got down and dirty with the delicious Amy Towle from Temple of She. What is Yoni Massage? Is it any different from men getting a ‘happy ending’ How do we talk to our partners about owning our own vaginas? What trauma does the female body endure around sex and sexuality and how is it released?

It’s taboo.


Jul 7, 2019

We're on holiday for two weeks and will return on July 22nd with another blockbuster of an episode with a powerhouse woman doing her bit for the revolution. 

In the meantime if you're missing us and these conversations make sure you listen to the back catalogue, and if you still need a hit of rebellion come and join us...

Jul 1, 2019

We all understand that porn, and the porn industry, creates a lot of negative messages around sex and women, but how many of us really take a moment to understand or realize the negative impacts porn has on our boys and men?

With research showing that the average age of boys being introduced to porn is 11years old and...