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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Didn't we solve this with #AustraliaSaysNo and all the other awareness campaigns?

Heck no! 

And that's why we tracked ourselves an expert to talk to us about what's really happening in Australia when it comes to domestic violence. Enter, 25-year psychotherapy veteran, Anita Bentata. 

We chatted to her about:

  • Feminine...

Nov 18, 2019

Why do we not talk about Menopause?

And when we do, it’s all the fear and drudgery of it that never leaves us feeling empowered to be a female or to look forward to aging with grace and wisdom.

Chantal Vanderhaeghen chatted to us today about the truth about menopause and debunking the myths and fear around the...

Nov 10, 2019

We love feminism and yet so many people keep asking us exactly what do we mean by ‘feminism’?

Well, who else would be more perfect to talk to than emerging Author, Copywriter, Blogger, Mother and #OpinionatedWoman, Jennifer Zeven.

Jennifer's articles have been featured in Whimn, Kidspot, and Roooar! Magazine. She is...

Nov 3, 2019

As women, we’re designed to have babies. Even if we don’t want them our bodies are ensuring they remind us every month, for every year for over a 40yr span that we’re baby-makers. Granted there are women who have ZERO interest in having kids and that's absolutely their right to choose. But what happens and what...