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Good Girls Don't Podcast

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Do Big Business

Jan 27, 2020

Sarah Ireland is the CEO of One Girl, an Australian non-profit organization that harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls and their families in Sierra Leone and Uganda. 

We fell in love with Sarah’s story from questioning her ability to be a CEO to breaking her own glass ceilings and redefining...

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Embrace the Sacred Prostitute

Jan 19, 2020

Women the world over are pushed and pulled between two opposing ideas of who we must be: the Saintly Mother, or the Whore. 

The expectations and pressures of both run deep inside all of us and permeate our cultures regardless of language, religion or politics. 

For centuries, we've been torn between both opposing...

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Smash the Glass Ceiling

Jan 12, 2020

Society seems obsessed with being skinny and perfect. But while getting skinny isn’t going to get you #instafamous, the fear of ‘fat’ can limit us to staying small and living off the scraps of love and worthiness (including paychecks). We talk with the larger than life Jay Crisp Crow on how her disability became a...

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Have Periods

Jan 5, 2020

Why is there so much shame around our periods? Why do our periods seem like a burden, something that diminishes us and our ability to function in the world instead of being a source of empowerment? In today's world of self-empowerment, our periods are still used to control, and negate a female's sense of...