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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Didn't we solve this with #AustraliaSaysNo and all the other awareness campaigns?

Heck no! 

And that's why we tracked ourselves an expert to talk to us about what's really happening in Australia when it comes to domestic violence. Enter, 25-year psychotherapy veteran, Anita Bentata. 

We chatted to her about:

  • Feminine principle hemispherectomy. What is it and why it’s CRUCIAL to resolving domestic violence.
  • Why women don’t want to identify with being in domestic violent relationships, and why conversations around DV fall on deaf ears.
  • Why women (and men) stay in domestic violent relationships.
  • Why domestic violence is increasing regardless of the increase of awareness campaigns over the last decade
  • Why ironically anger is an expression of self-love 
  • And why embracing the feminine within ourselves whether we are female or male, is the solution to the prevention of domestic violence.

Pour yourself a coffee, or a glass of wine and sink your teeth into this juicy gem of a conversation! Because domestic violence DOES happen and there is something YOU can do about it.

Who is Anita Bentata, Anyway?

Anita Bentata is a psychotherapist who has worked in the field for 25 years specializing in trauma and abuse, especially around Domestic Violence. After publishing her book, The Wolf in a Suit in 2016 she realized that awareness was only creating more overwhelm and outrage around domestic violence and wasn’t changing anything. Anita began developing her own solutions so that women don’t have to wait for powers in the public to change the conversation around domestic violence.

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