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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Dec 15, 2019

Show of hands: do you know how to use a power drill, or install windows on a bus?

Neither do we. 

And it’s one of the unlikeliest places you’d expect, at least based on patriarchal gender roles - for a woman to find her purpose. But not only did Sarah Taylor find a deep, meaningful purpose to building her internet-famous bus, Ms. P, she also discovered who she was and exactly what she was made of. 

Today, we spoke to Sarah about how humans like you and us can choose to create businesses that are not only environmentally responsible and sustainable but are a manifestation of our deepest held values and ensure that we’re making the world a better place than when we found it.

Here's the highlight reel of what we spoke to Sarah about:

  • Unhooking from the mainstream marketing noise
  • Accessibility and giving back - not when we’re rich but right here right now, at any point in our journey
  • Being the architect of our life and embracing the trust and power within ourselves to live on our own terms
  • Why we should stop trying to “park the bus”
  • The torture of not fitting in and turning that into the one thing that turns our life around
  • “It’s our job to make sure humanity thrives and survives.”
  • “If my business was a minimalist what would I do?”

Who is Sarah Taylor, Anyway?

Sarah Taylor, affectionately known as “The Bus Lady”  is building her own bus conversion, off-grid tiny homestead and is an intentional business coach. She helps women unhook from mainstream marketing so they can sell without compromising their values. Sarah is a digital privacy advocate, environmental activist, permaculture student and in her spare time she likes to find ways she can help dismantle systemic economic slavery.

Sarah's main goal for her business is to help others create regenerative practices and abundance business models so we can earn money sustainably and for the benefit of the planet, not it's destruction.

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