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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Feb 2, 2020

Tzara Attwater walked in one day on her partner (of 10yrs) and best friend (of 18yrs) having sex. Double betrayal. After her journey of recovery and healing, Tzara dedicated her work to helping others to also recover from betrayal, to heal their wounds and to move forward in a new direction - with or without their partner. When current statistics state that 1 in 4 relationships experience sexual betrayal and the emotional pain of infidelity, it's highly likely you know someone who's been through this or is experiencing it right now. And yet - no one speaks about it! Which is why WE ARE!

We asked Tzara nitty-gritty questions that you want to ask when it comes to infidelity and cheating but that we’re too scared to ask;

  • How do you know whether to stay or go?
  • How can we deal with well-intentioned friends pressuring us to leave them when we don’t want to? How do we deal with their judgments?
  • Why we beat ourselves up when we’re the ones that have been betrayed? and why that can just lead to layering even more limiting beliefs and crush our self worth?
  • How do we bounce back after a betrayal and create healthy boundaries?
  • How do we get past the betrayal, repair the bond and even WANT to engage in that relationship with the person who betrayed us?
  • Is it possible to rebuild the lost intimacy and trust once broken and what does that really take to do it?

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