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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Mar 22, 2020

Talking about open relationships feels pretty taboo, gossipy and darkly intriguing and yet Tani Beister creates the most beautiful and honest conversation of what it really takes to consciously create a loving open relationship.

  • Explore the deeper values of intimacy, connection, transparency and freedom.
  • Why having open relationships doesn’t make us sex fiends.
  • The difference between open relationships and infidelity.
  • What the real landscape of open relationships honestly looks like.
  • How open relationships actually open us up to understanding our own true self.
  • How do we deal with jealousy, shame, guilt and fear of judgment when we open our relationships up?
  • The only way to create an open and loving relationship.
  • Why serial monogamy is acceptable yet we believe in committing to one person for life.
  • Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Who is Tani Beister, Anyway?

Tani is all about chasing pleasure and breaking all the rules. She claims to be a rebel/lover, creator/destroyer, hedonistic/sadistic bad bitch. Contradictory huh? Yep! She’s all about giving herself permission to express ALL the parts of her.

She has not always been this unapologetic and radical in herself or her relationships. Due to years of deep, uncomfortable, heart wrenching internal work, she says she is now free from trying to please everyone in her life except herself (husband included).

Tani met her husband in high school and they have now been together 17 years, with a 13yr old son. Two years ago after reaching a stalemate in her marriage, despite trying everything to take it to the next level, Tani unexpectedly experienced falling in love with someone else. She had no intention of ending her marriage and instead she managed to open it and pursued two relationships. 

As a result, she found herself on a journey that awakened her sexuality, gave her an abundance of freedom, self-expression and also forced her to heal core wounds such as abandonment trauma and codependency. Tani’s marriage is now more fun, pleasurable and supportive than she ever could have imagined. The next level that she was searching for in her committed relationship, she found in opening it up and exploring the world of polyamory. 

Tani is a Relationship Coach for women in long term relationships and she guides them towards their own liberation.

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