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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Mar 29, 2020

While Verity grew up in a family that never talked about poops or farts, Ashleigh's family turned these bodily functions into a game that rivaled the Olympics.  With Covid#19 on the loose and the Great Toilet Escapades running havoc in cities across Australia, what better time to bright up your day with an episode about - poo!

You know we got down to the nitty-gritty of Poop and Fluffs too, asking the BIG and important questions:

  • Who farts more? Men or women?
  • What’s the “Dead Rat Rating”?
  • What IS poo actually made of, and why is corn the only vegetable that shows up?
  • How do you know if your poop is healthy?
  • Why are most beach models covered in poo but rarely realize it?
  • What the hell is a ‘squatty potty’?
  • And do sloths really dance when they poop?

Yes! Verity and Ashleigh answer all those poop questions you’ve been dying to have answered all these years.

Whether you think it’s gross or not you’re still going to laugh and find plenty of fun facts about poop you’ll be compelled to share at your next dinner party! Don’t deny it!

Join us for one hilarious episode because, apparently, Good Girls’ Don’t Poop!