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Good Girls Don't Podcast

May 10, 2020

Soo...what happens when your sex life is dead?

We know how it goes: find the man, get married, have the kids, and that's the end of your sex life. But what if that isn't how it has to be? What if we could have a deeply intimate sex life with our spouse, and toe-curling orgasms to-boot? 

We were curious if such a thing was possible, so we sat down with one of Australia's most qualified Sexologists, Isiah McKimmie.

But she isn't just a Sexologist.

She's also a Couples Therapist, a Sex Therapist, and a Tantra Teacher - so she knows her stuff when it comes to intimacy which means, we put our burning questions to her about how to resuscitate a dead sex life, including: 

  • What happens when your sex life is deader than Tutenkamun?
  • What are the first steps in re-igniting the intimacy and passion in your relationship?
  • Why does sex become transactional?
  • Why sex is the socially acceptable way for men to ask for intimacy
  • Why do we need to reconsider having sex during a pandemic - surely it's the perfect time for more romps? 


Lots of sticky, gritty questions. 

Lots of juicy, tantalizing answers. 

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