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Good Girls Don't Podcast

May 17, 2020

Co-host Ashleigh Rae shares her experience of seeking justice after being raped as a child. It's a deep conversation and not for the faint hearted. We discuss her compassion for the offenders family, the obstacles and support through-out the process of seeking justice and the complexity of emotions around obtaining accountability and justice. 

We discussed;

  • The reactions and responses from loved ones.
  • The rights of survivors and offenders of sexual violence.
  • The sensitivity and insensitivity of professionals involved.
  • What it feels like to confront the offender with an impact statement.
  • We questioned the appropriateness of current sentencing / legal consequences.
  • And how the justice system needs to change to serve both the survivor and the offender in a holistic manner.

Its a conversation that all men and women should listen to, because there is so much we can learn as a society to not only know how to support those affected by sexual violence but to also understand the necessity of educating all men and women in order to prevent sexual violence.

Contact Verity and Ashleigh:

Facebook/Instagram: @goodgirlsdontpod