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Good Girls Don't Podcast

May 24, 2020

In a  society that dictates a strict definition of what masculinity is and demands rigid expectations upon how men and women should conform to binary gender roles, the struggle to inform others that non-binary people exist is real. Nic Lawrance takes the time to chat to us about their incredible experience of living as non-binary person, growing up without the language to express their identity and journey of acceptance from family and peers, finding that safe space to explore and express gender identity, and some of the present perils fraught in the legal system discriminating against gender diverse people.

Nic Lawrance is a brilliant and powerful non-binary burlesque performer. Nic has performed at Fringe Festival and throughout Perth, Western Australia blending ideas of the feminine and masculine, challenging the norms of what is traditionally acceptable or expected of masc presenting humans. 

  • Normalize the idea of asking for pronouns,like you would ask someone's name
  • Reclaiming the word ‘Queer’.
  • What happens when ‘males’ don’t fit into the “mans club”.
  • Medical gate-keeping that prevents people from ever being able to own their identity.
  • The dangers of identifying oneself as non binary to organisations and institutions when you’re filling out forms.
  • The difference between sexuality and gender.
  • Why all humans, even men should be able to feel pretty.
  • The legal implication and limits of identifying as non binary gender
  • And why inter-sectional feminism is crucial to the freedom of all minority groups.

We loved Nic’s vulnerability, their wisdom and generosity as Nic shares their heartfelt stories and experience of fighting for one’s true identity. If you’ve ever felt confused about the conversation of gender fluidity, what the hell it all means and why we should even be talking about it, or even how to move forward in your own gender identity this episode is for you.