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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Jun 14, 2020

After our own Ashleigh Rae successfully charged a man with sexual violence, she shares with us what happens when it comes to sentencing and what it means for the victim and the offender. Please note that the conversation refers to Victorian legislation around sex offending and the specifics do not represent the legislation and regulations of other states and territories.

Here’s what we spoke about;

  • The difference between a plea hearing and a sentencing hearing.
  • Why does the register exist and what does it mean for the perpetrator, the victim & the community?
  • How children can be placed on the sex offenders registry.
  • What’s restorative justice and should it be compulsory?
  • Should the Sex Offenders Registry be made public?
  • The importance of educating ourselves and our children of the criminal implications of innocent ‘sexting’, and how easily young teens can get themselves and their girlfriends/boyfriends and peers into serious trouble.