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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Jul 28, 2019

Child sex trafficking. We know it happens but most of us assume there is NOTHING we can do. How wrong we are. Dr. Lorel Mayberry, the president of Borderless Friendship WA opened our eyes up to the truth about the vulnerability of hills tribe children in Northern Thailand. Currently, in Thailand, there are over 50-60K children in the hidden sex trade. While we were expecting a heavy emotional episode, we actually were surprised by how joyous and inspiring this interview was. If you’re up for saving the world and making a difference, this is the episode for you!

Who is Dr. Lorel Mayberry, Anyway?

Dr. Lorel Mayberry lectures in sexology in the award-winning Department of Sexology at Curtin University in Perth and has been involved in the area of sexuality education for more than three decades.

In between her university commitments, she travels to Northern Thailand working in partnership with Lahu (a hill tribe group) friends to enhance the lives of hill tribe children. These children are the most vulnerable to the shocking practice of sex trafficking. Lorel is the inaugural president of Borderless Friendship WA, a not-for-profit group, that was started 10 years ago. 

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