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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Aug 4, 2019

The stats on sexual abuse are scary. The ABS reported that 30% of women in Australia have experienced sexual abuse. And they’re only the reported abuse. What's scary is that only 4% of abuse is committed by a stranger, and while we have national wide school programs on ‘Stranger Danger’, where are the programs in our schools to prevent the other 96% cases of sexual abuse? Did you even know that 46% of sexual abuse of children is committed by other children? Scary huh. Well, thank God for women like Holly Ann Martin, who took a loan out on her own house in order to campaign for the protection and education of all Australian children.


  • What is being talked about at school?
  • Why aren’t we educating our children properly?
  • What should we be talking to our children about?
  • How can we as parents step up and be a part of the solution?


Who is Holly Ann Martin, Anyway?

Holly-ann Martin is the Founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids, with over 30 years' experience in teaching child abuse prevention education. Holly has presented the thought-provoking Safe4Kids program at over 30 conferences to audiences across the globe, from the United Kingdom, USA, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico and around Australia.

With a passion for education and child abuse prevention, Holly-ann has empowered children throughout the world, and equipped parents and teachers with the tools to help prevent abuse against children, whether this abuse is through physical harm, cyberbullying or inappropriate content available through the Internet.

Each year, Holly-ann provides face-to-face teaching and training to 4,500 children, 1,000 teachers, and 1,000 parents, carers and educators. 

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