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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Apr 19, 2020

While we take a moment to catch our breath and re-organize the universe, we've partnered with the good folks from the podcast, Gertie's Law to bring you an incredible episode on how the Supreme Court of Victoria changed women's ability to access abortion safely: 

Fifty years ago, the Menhennitt Ruling was an example of judge-made law and it determined the legality of abortion in Victoria. In this episode of Gertie's Law, we find out why it was left to the Supreme Court, and not the parliament, to decide on such a controversial social issue. Hear from judges and people directly affected by the 1969 ruling.

It's a brilliant piece of audio wizardry that showcases the bravery of the Doctors who put themselves at risk for women to have access to birth control and the fascinating details of how it all went down in the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

We hope you love and enjoy it as much as Ashleigh has, and binge their entire series. Listen to the whole series here: Gertie's Law Podcast

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