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Good Girls Don't Podcast

IN THE WILD: Verity Breaks the Good Girl Rules on The Recovering Perfectionist Podcast by Claire Riley

Apr 8, 2020

Sometimes, we venture onto other people's podcasts and they're kind enough not to kick us off their platform immediately. 
This week's bonus episode comes courtesy of Claire Riley from the Recovering Perfectionists Podcast.
On this episode you'll hear Verity being interviewed by Claire about Breaking the Good Girl Rules:
- Growing up she was obsessed with her body 'not being perfect'
- Body image and conforming to what society refers to as 'beautiful'
- What beauty is for us?
- Understanding your truths. Knowing your absolute, core, top 5 values - the things that you can't live without or we will lose our sense of self, sense of integrity and sense of who we are.
- Knowing your core values will allow you to express yourself without caring about what norm/society will think about you and what you wear, etc.
- She wants to be an inspiration to her girls to break good girl rules
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Verity Mansfield is a transformational coach, mentor and self-love advocate. She is the founder of A Beautiful Truth, which supports women holistically to acknowledge the true beauty within, through coaching, on-line programs, and workshops.
With 20 years of exploring the concepts of beauty (including the international fashion industry), self-love and self-transformation, her own life experiences have enabled her to teach other women how to embrace their strengths and live life on their own terms. Verity Mansfield works in assisting other women through their own journey of self-love and empowerment as they awaken to their own fulfillment. She firmly believes in working towards creating generations of empowered women, to create real change and real beauty in the world.