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Good Girls Don't Podcast

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Have Periods

Jan 5, 2020

Why is there so much shame around our periods? Why do our periods seem like a burden, something that diminishes us and our ability to function in the world instead of being a source of empowerment? In today's world of self-empowerment, our periods are still used to control, and negate a female's sense of self, especially in disconnecting her from her body.

This was such a fabulous and educational conversation about menstruation, and how to work with our hormones instead of against them. We also talk about bringing men into the conversation and how menstruation can help bring balance to the entire family, the effects of the pill and the chemical controlling of our bodies from fertility to the coffin, and what we need to teach our daughters.

And most importantly, does chocolate really help?

Who is Stasha Washburn, Anyway?

Stasha is known as The Period Coach. A Certified Holistic Health Coach and 20+ years of research have fueled her passion to reconnect women to the power in their cycles. To end the taboo of menstruation worldwide, no big deal. Stasha is changing the conversation around periods from whispers in the ladies' room to empowered public discussions. 

Stasha spent 20 years searching for a way to relieve her Endometriosis, and in the process discovered how to help women balance their hormones, through both science and ‘woo’. Knowing this she could no longer keep quiet, becoming a speaker and using her voice ever since to bring relief to women worldwide. 

Join Stasha in her amazing FB group, The Red Circle: Lady Business or find her featured on HuffPost, Thrive Global, Urban Monk, YouTube, many summits, and podcasts as an expert guest.

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