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Good Girls Don't Podcast

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Spoil It for the Boys

Sep 30, 2019

Did you miss this incredible episode with Men's Health Advocate, Catherine Lyell? 

While we're away for the next two weeks, take this time to aquaint yourself with some of our earlier episodes including this powerful goldmine that originally aired as episode 5, back in June 2019. 

We all understand that porn, and the porn industry, creates a lot of negative messages around sex and women, but how many of us really take a moment to understand or realize the negative impacts porn has on our boys and men?

With research showing that the average age of boys being introduced to porn is 11years old and that 93% of men under 18 years have watched porn, shouldn’t we be concerned with the effects porn has on males?

Watching porn is happening earlier than it ever used to, and it’s more hardcore and accessible than it ever used to be, especially as most boys have easy access to mobile phones, iPads, and other devices.

Studies and articles state a direct correlation between the watching of porn and erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. 

In a world where pornography is not going to disappear any time soon, it is imperative that as adults and parents we step up and increase the conversation around porn with our loved ones and even our children.

Who Is Catherine Lyell, Anyway?

Meet Catherine Lyell, from Integrated Men’s Health, who is a Men's Health and Porn Addiction Specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Catherine helps men regain control and confidence with their sexual habits and behaviors, so they can find peace and solutions around relationships and intimacy.

Catherine assists men to gain relief from unspeakable shames, trauma, dysfunction, serious health issues and more and specializes in depression, anxiety, porn addiction, and sexual health.
Catherine is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, Psychospiritual Therapist, Tantric Healer, Massage Therapist, Mentor, Trainer, Life Coach, and Author.

Support Catherine and Her Work:

Catherine Lyell has just launched her new book “What No One Told You About Pornography”, aimed at teens and young men, as well as all men, women, practitioners, sports clubs, teachers and parents.

 “The Uncensored Threat” is a much needed educational program Catherine is working on to educate teens in schools, universities, and sports clubs. If you would love to support Catherine in her funding to get this program out there, so please head over and check it out here.

As a special bonus to our listeners, Catherine is offering our audience two incredible free exercises. The first is the “Two Week Masturbation Challenge - Learn the art of conscious self-pleasure”, that you can access here.

And you can email Catherine, to receive the Couples Intimacy Exercise called “How the fuck did we end up here?”.