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Good Girls Don't Podcast

[RE-BROADCAST] Good Girls Don't Take Up Space

Apr 5, 2020

Women are told since childhood not to take up too much space. Whether we’re told to ‘don’t be too smart’, or that we talk too much, or that being ‘big’ is bad and we all have to be thin and skinny, women are constantly exposed to these subliminal messages that we shouldn't take up too much space. 

So how does this affect us in business, whether we’re entrepreneurs or vying for a position on the board? What stops us from taking up space in the business world and getting more vocal and more visible? What is the ‘imposter complex? Why are we afraid to be labeled ‘bossy bitch’? And is collaboration really the answer to patriarchal competitiveness?

If the Universe is constantly expanding shouldn’t we be obliged to expand too?

Who is Swapna Thomas, Anyway?

Swapna Thomas works with women coaches who want to embrace their inner rebel, do business their way and live 100% on purpose. 

Swapna helps develop a firebrand mindset and goes rogue with your marketing so you can confidently own your genius, claim your voice (aka your inner rebellion) and get well paid for your gifts. 

When not spouting spiritual wisdom, being a raging feminist or not dropping content gems, you can find her inhaling psychological thrillers, listening to Bollywood songs on a loop and trying to convince her extrovert husband and daughter that she is totally an acceptable form of a social recluse.

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