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Good Girls Don't Podcast

Jun 2, 2019

This is the podcast where we smash those rules, we've been taught to follow both as men and women, and burn the darn rule book. We'll tackle the big issues, the issues nobody wants to talk about, and we'll be fiercely feminist about it. This podcast is about inspiration, education, compassion and being the change, you need in this world.

This podcast is for the trailblazers, freedom fighters and soul igniters and all the women who are ready to break the rules.

Good Girls Don’t Podcast is hosted by Verity Mansfield, Self-Love Advocate and Coach from Verity Mansfield Coaching and Mentoring, and Ashleigh Rae, the Podcast Queen, from Ear Woke Media.

Contact us at 

Facebook @goodgirlsdontpod